We go the extra mile to make sure your surfboard arrives in great shape, we protect our boards to cope with the rigours of airway shipping with DHL plus free insurance

Here's a picture from a customer who just took delivery of his G&S nose rider recently!


Looking for a great surfboard? We supply hand crafted surfboards, shaped and finished to your requirements from Southern California, offering a great affordable service. 

We  associate ourselves with fantastic surfboard builders, providing surfboards that are not easily bought in the UK, & the Euro zone. We work with guys like Wayne Rich, G&S, Timmy Patterson, Dewey Weber, Hank Warner, Kevin Connolly, Hank Byzack, Source Surfboards, Beau Young, Clutch Surfboards, Almond Surfboards, Dennis Murphy, Ryan Harris, Hansen, Craig Holdsworth, Waterman's Guild, Custom Glassing and others... 

Our approach is open, honest and consistent, fantastic for surfers wanting  a custom surfboard not readily available here. We take care of the whole process, right up until your surfboard arrives. 

We focus on everyone being happy, that means you the surfer, the shaper of your surfboard. Right Price at the right time.


Ask for a quote:

We have over twenty custom surfboard builders who enjoy working with from Southern California. All surfboards are made to order, hand crafted using the best tried, tested practices and materials. (Mals, mini-mals, fishes, including high performance shapes).
We cater for everyone from a beginner to the committed world traveller. We aim to help all our customers get in the water with the right equipment with the  support and advice from the shapers we work with. 

Stand out surfboards with amazing finishes, resin and art work.
Our aim is to make your experience as simple as possible. You won’t be disappointed.

(No stock room to view your board is in the shapers head not sitting in the shop, waiting to be bought!)

Give us a shout!, 07711 215201, or email below. Cardiff, UK. We are here to help, you will be surprised how many UK surfers we have helped to get their hands on something stand out & special.

email: enquiry@triple-s-surfsupplies.co.uk

@Triple S your option's are endless, surfboards by Wayne Rich Surfboards, Timmy Patterson, Woodin Surfboards CA, Almond, G&S, Hansen Surfboards, Hank Warner, Murphy Shapes, Ernie Higgins, Source Surfboards (Nick Palandrani), Dewey Weber, Craig Holdsworth, Ryan Harris Shapes, Art-in-Motion, & The Watermansguild - all shipments protected with up to 30% discounts compared to other surfboards...





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Shoot us an email: enquiry@triple-s-surfsupplies.co.uk