Customer Reviews: "Just a few examples of what our customers say about SSS."

Jan 2020, Neil H - Padstow, Cornwall, Contacted Triple S, by email, they replied to me real quick, discussed my requirements, they did all the leg work, quoted me for my dream board a T.Patterson IF Epoxy Stringer less Carbon with a spray job, great price, talked me through the whole processing kept me completely informed the experience, was quick and easy. No way could I find a custom made board shaped in Cali, by Timmy Patterson, and then shipped to my home in the UK, at such a good price, totally Stoked!

Feb 2020, Sean J - Bath, Somerset, Custom G&S Nose Rider, reliable, managed my expectation 100%, They introduced me to the shaper, Kevin Connolly he was amazing, six weeks later my board arrived perfect 9'6" high gloss, triple stringer. even with a Rennie Yater 9" fin, my board is stunning and surfs like a dream. Custom made for me under £1200.00 including import duty etc, Excellent service.


March 2020, Julian B - St.Davids, West Wales, Fantastic service, Murphy Longboard, they put me in touch with Dennis Murphy we discussed my order on FaceTime, Triple S took care of the whole process, shipping, delivery everything, most probably best longboard have ever had, hand shaped and finished by Dennis great price too.

April 2020, Emma D, - Braunton, North Devon, UK, I started out surfing about two years ago, I needed to move from a foam board on to a minimal, I had a budget, and based on that and Triple S support, I am now the proud owner of a lovely Hank Warner minimal, it just perfect, lovely artwork, hi-gloss, it surfs so good it has really helped my surfing. I highly recommend these are my go too guys for surfboards nothing else compares!

April 2020, Tobi S- Cardiff South Wales,UK, contacted Triple S I'm a broke student and needed a top quality surfboard, Triple S contacted Clutch Surfboards, Costa Mesa USA, Clutch recommended a short board called a RainMaker,

My board was hand shaped and finished by Clutch at Waterman's Guild, it's absolutely superb, delivered to my Halls, perfect condition, cost me with shipping and tax £650, I didn't dig into to much of my student loan Triple S tops I never though I would own a custom surfboard from Cali... 

June 2020, Dave T - Thornbury, Bristol, when Corvid -19 hit right in thee middle of my G&S Custom Redfin being shaped,, the world stopped, but SSS continues to keep me posted and pulled out all the stops to get my precious surfboard to me. We had a six week delay no commercial  flights, and finally when my board arrived due to great service from Andrew and Debbie Gordon 

what a Gem the first opportunity I got to ride out at Woolacombe all me dreams we answered in one go. Thanks Andrew great service.